4 Things Every Barn Wedding Needs
14 Jun 2017

4 Things Every Barn Wedding Needs



One wedding trend that has popped up recently and has everyone (including us) swooning over our Pinterest home pages, is barn weddings.
There’s just something so quaint yet memorable about these rustic affairs that you can’t help but fall in love with the idea.

Now besides having someone to stand next to you at the alter and an actual barn itself, there are a few other touches that we think make a barn wedding the Pinterest worthy occasion it should be!

Festoons & fairy lights

Now we might bit a little biased but we think the right kind of lighting is imperative to the look and feel of a wedding.

When it comes to barn weddings we’re big fans of two kinds of lighting. The first are festoon lights: these look amazing inside and outside your venue and their cool retro bulbs are the perfect contrast to a rural back drop. The second look that never fails to amaze are obviously your classic fairy lights. Drape them effortlessly from each and every beam for a natural look that only intensifies the feel of an idyllic barn wedding.

This also gives you the chance to make the most of any unique features in your barn such as wooden beams for interestingly shaped ceilings.









The 1st photograph is from @OakwoodEventsUK and the 2nd if from @DreamwaveEvents.

 Paper pom poms

As you can probably tell by now we love accentuating the tall and intricate ceilings that come with having your wedding at a barn.

We think poms poms perfectly complement the hard wooden structures of a barn. Their delicate designs teamed with some fairy lights make any place look instantly magical, which is exactly how a wedding should feel!

There are plenty of places to buy pom poms for your wedding, or you can take a look at our guide and make your own.

It also never hurts to throw some bunting in there too for that subtle vintage look.The 1st photograph is from @OakwoodEventsUK and the 2nd is from Pinterest.

  Mason jars

Now we’re not going to get too specific with this one – basically do what you want with your mason jars, just make sure that you have them! If you are looking for some inspiration though, our friends at Dreamwave Events made these adorable hanging lights out of theirs!

They make great hanging flower pots and centrepieces too.

The 1st photograph is from @DreamwaveEvents and the 2nd is from Pinterest.

  Rustic sign post

Now we think this is the kind of stunningly simple and fun piece that once you’ve seen it you just can’t get it out of your head (so don’t be surprised if your friends steal it for their big day too). The reason we love it isn’t just because it fits so perfectly in with the quirky/rustic feel of a barn wedding, but also because of how personal you can make it.

It’s a great way not to just tell people where to go i.e. where to sit and where the dancefloor/reception is, but also to let them know where you’ve been as a couple. You can use it to show the distance between some of the milestones in your relationship like where he proposed, your first kiss or where you met.

Table Plan by Finishing Touches – Apple Crate












Photographs featured are from Pinterest

Honourable mention:

if you’re stuck for a delicate flower to adorn you tables and venue then we suggest Baby Breath (Gypsophila)! Just look at this photo!


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